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Arrábida tour with Coastering adventure

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From EUR 220

Coastering is a recent activity that joins the sea with Earth and exploring the coastline in a unique way through jumps into the water, climbing and swimming. And what better place to do this activity? In the beautiful serra da Arrábida. Clean and crystalline waters, this mountain is a unique venue for this activity. In addition to fun, will be a unique experience.

The whole adventure will be accompanied by experienced instructors and all equipment (footwear) and insurance are included.

From EUR 220

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We will leave Lisbon in the direction of Sesimbra where there will be a team of monitors waiting for us for our coastering adventure. It will be a morning full of fun filled with adventure and jumps into the water.




Lunch will be served in a typical portuguese restaurant. A tasting menu with several Portuguese dishes will be served. Absolutely delicious!



In the afternoon, you will be able to enjoy the fabulous landscape from the top of Serra da Arrábida.



Finally to conclude, you will have the opportunity to visit a genuinely Portuguese wine cellar different from the touristic wineries, where you will be able to taste some of the best wines of the region. Here you can have a pleasant conversation with our host, a true countryside man gifted with great oenological and viticulture knowledge.




  • Coastering experience - a unique that combines jumps into the water, climbing and swimming
  • Have a lunch in a typical Portuguese restaurant
  • Taste some of the best wines of the region


  1. Lisbon
  2. Sesimbra - Coastering
  3. Palmela - Lunch
  4. Arrábida
  5. Azeitão - Wine Tasting
  6. Lisbon