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South Lisbon Wine and Food Culture

We will visit a region where large estates dominate, rich in cork oaks, pinewoods and olive groves. However, viticulture is the most important production in this region. Full-bodied, high-quality wines of many varieties are produced here. In this region, we will visit two of the most unique and the best wineries in the country. You can also enjoy a lunch filled with local flavors and delicacies. After the traditional lunch which is included, there is a walk along the beautiful Arrábida mountain range.


We will visit the winery which is a unique space and where some of the best wines of the last years in Portugal are. Its wines are the most awarded in Portugal. You will have the opportunity to get to know the whole history of the wines and the family that gave birth to this winery through its emblematic museum that will make you travel in time.


Since the first generation, this house has bet on the quality of the vineyards and the wines. Initially these were produced and sold in bulk without its own brand. It was with the current management that the great change took place, creating a brand of its own.


Lunch will be served in a typical local restaurant. A tasting menu with several typical Portuguese dishes will be served. Absolutely delicious!

The climb down will be through Portinho da Arrábida. A paradisiacal beach with crystal clear water and white sand in the mouth of the river Sado. It can’t be missed!

After this mandatory visit, you will have the opportunity to visit another winery linked for generations to viticulture and wine production. In 1990, it launched its first branded wine. Today, it produces about 660 thousand liters of wines from its own vineyards. The choice of grape varieties is part of an experimentation process, in search of types of genuine, complex and gastronomic wines.

At afternoon we will visit Serra da Arrábida – A climb up to the top of the ridge. You will have no words to describe the incredible landscape presented in front of you! To the north you will be able to see the entire city of Lisbon, the mountains of S. Luís, S. Francisco, Louro and Gaiteiros. And to the south, the crystal clear blue sea, the islets, the Tróia peninsula and the city of Setúbal.

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